Aroma lamp “Milano”, beige


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Place a tealight into the lower part of the lamp. Fill the container with water and drop a few drops of fragrance oil or essential oil into the water. Light the tealight. As the water heats up, the room will gradually start to fill with a wonderful aroma.

There are many kinds of fragrances: those that conceal the odors of cooking or smoking, for example, and those that help to concentrate, relax, etc.
Do not add water into the heated container. Extinguish the tealight, if the water has fully evaporated.
Empty and dry the container after each use. Never leave a burning candle unsupervised. The candle must be placed out of the reach of children and on a nonflammable surface.
Caring for your aroma lamp correctly will allow you to enjoy it for several years.
The container is machine washable.

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