About us

Preston is a Finnish lifestyle brand for consumers. The company behind the brand is Napra-Rehab Oy, which has been supplying products for the treatment of circulatory problems and musculoskeletal disorders for professional use for over 25 years. Demand for products that improve wellness and maintain health has also continually increased among consumers. Preston was established for this purpose, and our range of products includes products for sports, work and travel, as well as different life situations.
The selection at the online store ranges from compression stockings and supports to all kinds of other products that improve your wellness and quality of life.

The company’s founder, naprapath David Strömbäck, has decades of experience in the health care industry, especially in the treatment of circulatory problems and musculoskeletal disorders. He is also a pioneer in importing and selling products related to the field. The operations of Napra-Rehab have always been based on quality, reliability of delivery and a personal and friendly customer service. Preston’s operations are based on the same principles. All our employees have extensive experience in the field and substantial knowledge on the functionality of the products.

Our online store for companies and health care professionals, www.napra.fi, has also been reformed. We offer a wide range of products, such as medical compression stockings, orthopedic supports, ergonomics products and muscle conditioning products. In addition, our products are sold by various retailers around Finland.

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