Comfortex CarRest shaped car cushion


COMFORTEX CAR REST is shaped to provide comfortable and strain-reducing support while on the road. The cushion is especially designed to fit sports car seats, although it is just as suitable for cars with regular seats. CarRest is best for people taller than average or when strong lumbar support is required.

Recommended for people taller than 180 cm.

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CarRest fits both modern and more luxurious cars.
It is covered with black, water-resistant material that withstands wet outerwear. The strap is made of the same material as seat belts and thus fits your car’s interior. The strap goes through a pocket at the front of the cushion and sets the cushion nicely against the backrest.
The cushion has an asymmetric profile. This provides the opportunity to adjust the thickest part 3 cm up or down by rotating the cushion by 180 degrees, thus providing a personal fit based on what the user finds most suitable.
The padding is hardest at the thickest part of the cushion providing the best possible support for your lower back.


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