Comfortex Neckrest 2.0


Ergonomic and adaptable pillow with adjustable height for optimal comfort

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Comfortex Neckrest

Comfortex Neckrest 2.0 is a unique pillow with a softer central section and height adjustable to 6 different levels. The asymmetric shape allows it to be turned and positioned differently. This allows you to always find a suitable sleeping position.

Consists of separate parts
Due to the softer central section, your head sinks deeper into the pillow when sleeping on your back. The firmer side sections provide a higher and sturdier support when sleeping on your side. This is necessary because your head requires higher support when sleeping on your side than when sleeping on your back, due to the height of the shoulders.

The softer central section, combined with just the right thickness, guarantees that your head is in a better position when sleeping on your back or your side, by aligning your thoracic and cervical vertebrae into a straighter line than other pillows.

Ordinary pillows offer high support at the center of the pillow and low support at the sides.
The padding is protected with the CoolMax Fresh FX fabric. It is a breathable and moisture permeable polyester-based material that provides a cool and dry feeling. The CoolMax material is also antibacterial, which allows the NeckRest inner pillow to be washed less often. The package includes a shaped, machine washable pillowcase made of 100% cotton. Normal, large pillowcases can also be used with NeckRest.


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