Compression Sport sock short


• Sports socks for both men and women (1 pair).
• Finely ribbed knit for increased elasticity and comfort. Suitable for all sports activities.
• High-performance Dryarn fibre with thermoregulating and hydrophobic function.
• Breathable, lightweight and stretchy. Keeps your feet dry no matter the occasion.
• Anatomical insole with incorporated support and protection bands.
• Elastic and protective toe area without stitching. Prevents blisters.

Unisex Sports socks made of Dryarn fibre.
The new Relaxsan short sport sock is suitable for all sporting activities,  indoor and outdoor. The Dryarn fibre makes it an ideal sock for all sportsactivity. It keeps the temperature constant in the summer and the winter, so that your feet always feels dry,  thanks to the thermoregulation and hydrophobic properties of the yarn. This is a very lightweight, comfortable and breathable product. The seamless toe is very soft and elastic to prevent friction and blisters. In addition, the anatomical insole with incorporated support bands provides protection to sensitive areas of the foot, such as the Achilles heel.
Like all Relaxsan products, they are 100% Made in Italy and manufactured exclusively with top quality raw materials.

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RelaxSan Sport sock lyhyt/kort/short

Kengänkoko / skostorlek / shoesize35-3838,5-4242,5-4545,5-48
Jalan pituus / fotens längd / foot lenght (cm)22-24,524,6-26,726,8-28,528,6-30,5

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Fuchsia, Grey


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