Juzo Soft 2002 medical compression stocking


Juzo Soft 2001/2002 Thin and comfortable medical compression stocking. Fine stitching, easy to put on and take off. This is the product for you if you have swelling, varicose veins, thromboses, a leg ulcer or other reasons to have an effective medical compression stocking.


Product Description

Compression class 1 (medical compression around the ankle 18–21 mmHg)
* preventive use, mild swelling
* tired feet
* mild varicose veins
* when you say in the evening: “It feels nice to put my legs up for a bit.”
Compression class 2 (medical compression around the ankle 23–32 mmHg)
* when class 1 is no longer enough to control the tiredness/swelling
* postoperative care
* varicose veins that cause swelling
Juzo Soft now also in trendy colors – contact our customer support.


Additional Information

Weight 250 g