Juzo Soft 2002ATF medical compression pantyhose


The Juzo Soft products combine timeless translucence with excellent durability. The knit is breathable and does not cause sweating. The pantyhose fits comfortably at the waist, closed toe.
Compression class 2 (medical compression around the ankle 23–32 mmHg)
* when class 1 is no longer enough to control the tiredness/swelling
* postoperative care
* varicose veins that cause swelling


Juzo Soft 2002ATF
Thin, breathable, sheer and comfortable medical compression pantyhose with a closed toe.
This is the product for you if you have swelling, varicose veins, thromboses, a leg ulcer or other reasons to have effective medical compression pantyhose.
Your ankle and calf size, circumference below the knee and waist size determine which standard size is best for you. The closed toe standard size fits shoe sizes 37–46 (foot length 23.5–29.5 cm). To determine your size, measure the circumferences around your leg according to the attached custom order form. Take the measurements preferably in the morning. Print the form and fill in your measurements. Compare the measurements with the size chart, and if they stay within one single size, you have found your size. If you are uncertain, send your information to us and we will help you find a suitable model/size. Juzo custom order forms
You may also contact our customer support during weekdays.

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Weight 250 g


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