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Royal Rest – Best in Scientific Test

According to many physiotherapists and patients in Scandinavia, Royal Rest is the best orthopedic neck support pillow. A comparative study of 6 different neck support pillows was carried out at the University Hospital in Lund and Royal Rest came out best in these tests. A comparison of 6 different pillows was carried out over an 8 months period by both patients and nursing staff. One of these pillows was Royal Rest. The outcome was that Royal Rest received an outstanding number of votes in all aspects for best pillow. The reason for patients selecting Royal Rest as first choice was that it felt soft, comfortable, relaxing and, at the same time, gave support. So in other words, patients perceived all the important features that Royal Rest was originally designed for.

Please read more about the study in the JMPT article.

To Conclude

The two most important criteria for an orthopedic pillow are comfort and support. These should be met concurrently in one and the same pillow. The extent to which any one orthopedic pillow meets these criteria is indicative of the level of its quality. Royal Rest fulfills the high requirements of both comfort and support. Please view the JMPT article of the scientific comparative study from the University Hospital in Lund – Sweden (Persson & Moritz, 1995)


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