UNIMA face mask

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Are you tired using uncomfortable facemasks?
With our new UNIMA facemask you will feel more comfortable and safe.

CE marked medical device

UNIMA give you:

  1. Anatomic shape, to fit better the face lines.
  2. More Comfortable.
  3. Light weight for better breathing.
  4. Performing materials for easy dry.
  5. Control of bacterial proliferation due to a long-time usage.
  6. Stay in position without moving while speaking.
  7. Suitable to be worn for long time without feel suffocating.
  8. Nice and beautiful to see and available in various colours.


UNIMA is a premium product and made for specific customer that need something unique, exclusive and with superior performance. In particular for all those person that travel a lot and for long flights, during business meeting, exhibitions, congress, ceremonies and especially for all those people that need to wear the mask for long time (expo, airplane, congress…) and need a mask to easy speak, feel comfortable and, why not, beautiful.





  • Lightness and Soft More than 30% lightweight comparing with the same garment made from wool or polyester; Dryarn® has low specific weight. This means that garments made of Dryarn® will be much, much lighter while maintaining excellent levels of thermal insulation.
  • Maximum Breathability More breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool and lighter than any other fibre. Dryarn® controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep the body’s thermal regulation system well balanced and the skin dry.
  • Your skin’s Thermostat Dryarn® provides excellent insulation, creates a breathing barrier which insulates from the outside world and carries sweat from the inside out. An insulating, protective barrier which also breathes to ensure that the skin stays dry; warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Dermatologically Tested It is also dermatologically tested and therefore ideal for stay in continuous contact with the skin for hours.



  • Odor Management X-Static® provides permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on garments that cause odors.
  • Soft Surface Protection Products powered by X- Static ® have been proven effective, demonstrating superior performance. The technology utilizes the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft surfaces and is proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics.
  • Permanent does not wash out – lasts for the life of the product.

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Beige, Black, Blue


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