Devisys anti-slip devices


Devisys anti-slip devices cover the entire heel and guarantee safe movement even on slippery surfaces.
Velcro fastening. Sold in pairs.

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Finnish people have to move on slippery surfaces for a large part of the year. Even one step taken on ice or snow can be fateful. As many as 100,000 falling accidents happen in Finland yearly. The most common cause for slipping is a sliding of the heel.
Devisys anti-slip devices are the product of an extensive research and development process. Anti-slip devices must be designed and fitted correctly and easy to fasten and remove, and they need to provide effective protection against slipping. They are so effective and comfortable that you tend to use the devices with all kinds of footwear. Today, our anti-slip devices are used by different occupations around the world. Our anti-slip devices are used by professionals from mail carriers to waste management and airport workers. Not to forget all the ordinary consumers interested in safe walking, of course.
Size M – Suitable for use with women’s winter footwear and wintry outdoor sports footwear. Size M is the most popular Devisys size amongst women. Shoe sizes 37–39.
Size L – Anti-slip device for wide-heeled footwear. Suitable for men’s winter and sports footwear and wide-heeled women’s footwear. Shoe sizes 40–44.

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