Something more compared to traditional compression stockings
Essential+ is a revolutionary, high technological content stocking. A double fabric layer provides adds elasticity for improved fit and enhanced comfort for everyday wear.
The inner cotton and cashmere lining guarantees a remarkably soft sensation on skin, whereas the outer microfibre layer provides a pleasant sensation of elegance and resistance to the touch.
Product comfort is immediately perceptible during wear: thanks to the absence of the stretch trim edge around the knee, no marks are left on skin and the fit encourages better circulation.


Size chart
2 - S3 - M4 - L5 - XL6 - XXL
Shoe size
36 - 3939 - 4141 - 4343 - 4545 - 48
Jalan pituus
Fotens längd
Foot lenght
23 - 2525 - 26,426,4 - 27,727,7 - 2929 - 31
Nilkan ympärys
Ankelns omkrets
Ankle girth
18 - 2220 - 2422 - 2624 - 2826 - 30

Why Essential+?
Development and Research to design the latest version of the RelaxSan pressure stocking
 is a strong graduated stocking designed to resolve the most common problems encountered by wearers of this type of product.
Most graduated compression stockings are not easy to wear; excessive compression at the knee leaves an unsightly mark on the leg and does not encourage correct blood circulation.
Therefore the idea behind Essential+ is to provide medical stocking wearers affected by venous insufficiency with a suitable and high performance product for everyday living.
The final version of this graduated compression stocking is the result of extensive research and development and is made of fine yarns, using state-of-the-art machinery.

Unique properties

Advantages which maintain a high level of well-being

01 MEDICAL DEVICE – Strong graduated compression for better comfort
02 DOUBLE LAYER – Inner Cashmere and Cotton layer, outer Microfibre layer
03 100% SILVER YARN – Guarantees a bacteriostatic and anti-odour effect
04 NO LACE EFFECT – The absence of a cuff guarantees better circulation and no marks are left on skin
05 SOFT TOUCH – Elegant and soft to the touch thanks to prestigious Microfibre
06 PROTECTION AND COMFORT – Micro-sponge in stretch cotton

Comfort and well-being
Medium graduated compression, different in each layer of the leg and foot, stimulates circulation and provides a better fit.

Resistance and protection
X-Static® silver fabric envelops the central part of the foot, providing antibacterial and anti-odour action that remains unaltered over time.

Elegance and Versatility
Minimal and essential lines make this stocking suitable for all kinds of requirements and work activities, providing comfort during everyday way.

In everything you do
At home, at work, for travel

Unisex stockings with double comfort and compression layer
Our new product is a CE Class I medical device, designed and manufactured with innovative 100% Made in Italy technologies and materials. The synergy of the double compression layer pairing a microfibre outer with a cashmere and cotton inner, perfectly fulfils our concept of well-being. For years we have been specialised in the manufacture of medical products specially designed to prevent and treat circulatory problems in legs. This is why our latest knee-length Unisex stocking for Men and Women provides 23-32 mmHg graduated compression which helps to prevent fatigue and swelling of legs and feet, encouraging venous return and improving circulation.


Additional information


S, M, L, XL, XXL




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