Linnex liniment


Effective warming liniment stick.

Super effective liniment stick for tension and pain relief in the neck, shoulder and back area.

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Linnex in professional use

Naprapaths, chiropractors and physical therapists all around the Nordic countries have been using Linnex for years. The warming effect of Linnex reduces soreness, and the skin’s own thermoreceptors block pain impulses. The heat also relaxes the muscles, which makes the treatment more effective. It is possible to significantly increase the ranges of motion before the muscles become tense and restrict the movement.

Linnex Liniment Stick

Linnex Liniment Stick is an easy-to-use liniment for muscle, tendon and joint problems. Apply one or two thin layers of liniment directly onto the skin.
You will feel the effect in 10–15 minutes.
Linnex is a highly effective liniment for sore and stiff muscles.
Linnex is used by many athletes and exercisers around the world.
Active ingredients,
Linnex contains salicylic acid, chili (Capsicum annuum) and menthol.


If you have not used Linnex before, only apply the liniment onto a small area first and wait for the effect. Never exceed the dosage! Remember that Linnex is highly effective and, thus, also very long-lasting.

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