Safehip Active hip protector


Safehip Active hip protector

Unique hip protector. Handy and easy to put on. The protector prevents hip fractures, which allows you to move without worry.

Scientifically and clinically studied product that prevents hip fractures. Unique hip protection belt with sewn-in foam shields that can be worn over clothes. Due to the handy and strong Velcro fastening, the belt is easy and quick to put on and take off.
Material: polyester 85%, elastane 15%. Washable at 40 °C.
Suitable for both men and women.


Hip fractures can be prevented Extensive clinical trials have shown that wearing a SAFEHIP hip protector reduces hip fractures by at least 75% with people living in nursing homes or at home. The feeling of safety provided by hip protection garments increases daily exercise and outdoor activities. At the same time, this increases the wearer’s general activity level.
(Hindsø K, Lauritzen JB, Osteoporosis International 1998; 8:119)

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Weight 490 g


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