Comfortex NeckRest Omega


Inflatable head support for neck muscles and vertebrae.

Length: 450 mm
Width: 230 mm
Thickness: 120 mm

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NECKREST OMEGA is designed to provide proper support for the head at rest. It can be used as a rehabilitation for neck pain or to prevent problems.
It has extra large side sections compared to other inflatable neck supports to provide better support for the head in a lateral position. This provides extra relief for the neck muscles. The strong support makes it suitable for all types of necks, also for people with long necks. People with short necks can easily adjust the pressure lower to get an individually tailored support for the head.
If the pillow feels too hard, you can let air out until you have the support you want. The most important thing is that each user can find the exact right thickness by testing. NeckRest Omega provides this opportunity.
The section behind the neck is designed to be as thin as possible to avoid the neck from being pushed forward when sitting in a bus, train or plane, for example. This has been our starting point in designing Comfortex NeckRest Omega.
It may not look like other inflatable neck supports, but it works much better.


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