Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oil 10 ml


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Essential Oil Ylang Ylang

About the flower
Ylang-ylang is the yellow flower of the cananga tree and it is also often used as the name of the tree. The tree originates from the rainforests of Indonesia and the Philippines. The cananga tree grows fast in tropical conditions and can grow as much as several meters in a year.
Oil preparation
The flowers are distilled with water or steam, usually on-site. The process takes a day.
Traditional use
The flowers have been valued for their sweet and romantic fragrance. It resembles jasmine with a hint of neroli and bitter almond.
In Indonesia, the flowers are spread on the beds of newlywed couples and in the Philippines they are used to adorn religious images. In Europe, the oil was started to be used for perfumes in the late 19th century. As women’s fragrances are dominated by rose, flowery scents in men’s fragrances come mostly from ylang-ylang.
Ylang-ylang used at home
The oil can be used as an aphrodisiac and to spice up your love life. Ylang-ylang may also have a calming and relaxing effect.
Note that the smell is very strong, and too much oil may create a sickeningly sweet impression.
10 ml


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